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Together, we can stop the spread

We've updated our approach to swallow-wort management in Northern Michigan in response to newly discovered infestations. 

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Featured project:

The Black Swallow-wort Initiative 2023

Black swallow-wort outcompetes essential native vegetation and is toxic to many important insects. We're working to prevent the further spread of swallow-wort throughout Northern Michigan. 

News and Updates 

Strategic Plan

We've updated our strategic plan, check it out and let us know if you have comments or concerns! 

New Steering Committee Member

Shelby Harris, the Terrestrial Invasive Species (TIS) Administrator and head of the Beaver Island Archipelago Terrestrial Invasive Species Program joined our steering committee providing her voice and perspective from our island community. 


Garlic Mustard: Spring means it's time to start pulling garlic mustard. Join us for a volunteer workday or learn how to manage this invasive plant yourself by clicking here

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