"The mission of the CAKE CISMA is to protect the natural resources, economy, and human health in Northern Lower Michigan through collaborative outreach and management of invasive species."

About the CAKE CISMA  

The CAKE CISMA is the Charlevoix, Antrim, Kalkaska and Emmet Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area. The CAKE CISMA was established in 2015 as a joint effort between local conservation districts and various non-profits to collaborate on public education and the management of harmful invasive species within the four county service area. By actively combating the spread of invasive species, there is a greater chance of preserving the health, beauty, biodiversity and abundance of our region's natural resources.

What is a CISMA? 

A CISMA is a Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area. These areas are often determined by county lines. A CISMA works to educate the public on the harms of invasive species, as well as to work with conservation partners in prioritization, surveying and treating invasive species in the region. There are 19 CISMA’s in the state of Michigan.  CISMA's receive functional funding from the Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program (MISGP), which is a joint funding program administered by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. 


What we do

The CAKE CISMA meets its mission statement through the following primary focus areas:


Education and Outreach

Either through event, discussion or an integrated workshop, the CAKE CISMA coordinator is excited to partner with you and your outreach needs; topics can include training volunteers or interested individuals in plant identification and explaining recommended management styles for different species. 


Management of Species


Through surveying and prescribed treatments, the CAKE CISMA strike team is the CISMA's 'boots on the ground' for counteracting invasive species. In addition to assisting partnering organizations with land management for invasive species, CAKE offers a cost sharing program for private landowners who are interested in removing priority species from their property. 

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