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Partner Program

New Partner Program, same mission

Recently, we sat down and reevaluated the CAKE CISMA partner program to see how we could improve. With the new partner program, we're working to open up cross-organizational communication, facilitate collaboration, and spread awareness about emerging invasive species threats in our service area. Our partners greatly enhance our ability to manage invasive species and restore habitat throughout our region, and we hope the new program helps partners feel more supported. Partnership with CAKE CISMA is entirely voluntary and organizations are encouraged to participate as much or as little as they wish. There are two requirements to be recognized as a CAKE CISMA partner organization: 

  1. One annual CISMA awareness effort of any kind (social media post, newsletter article, presentation, sharing info about free treatments and cost-share, etc)  

  2. Attendance at our annual meeting in March or attendance at our virtual partner meeting in November

Active Partner Organizations

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Partner Project Spotlight

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