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Program Overview

The Beaver Island Archipelago Terrestrial Invasive Species program is a joint effort between St. James and Peaine townships to control and eliminate the spread of invasive species in the Beaver Island Archipelago. Managing invasive species in the archipelago is unique compared to the mainland and requires a different approach. 


CAKE CISMA partners with the Beaver Island Archipelago TIS Program regarding invasive management work and grants relating to the island. If you have questions about Beaver Island please contact the Beaver Island Archipelago Terrestrial Invasive Species Program before CAKE CISMA. 


Beaver Island Archipelago Terrestrial Invasive Species Program

Management on the Island

Beaver Island is home to several rare/endangered species' many of which have been extirpated or have severely diminished available habitat on the mainland. Management work on Beaver Island focuses heavily on the protection of these species. 

The Beaver Island archipelago also (thankfully) doesn't have the same variety of invasive species as are present on the mainland. Initiatives such as not allowing mainland firewood on the island have helped maintain pristine habitats throughout the archipelago. Because there are fewer invasives and more endangered/rare species, the invasives they do have are a higher priority on the island than on the mainland. For example, CAKE CISMA often treats Autumn Olive, a species far beyond our control on the mainland, when we visit the island. 


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Threatened and Endangered Species 

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TIS Program




37830 King's Hwy, Beaver Island, MI, United States, 49782




Shelby Harris, Beaver Island Archipelago Terrestrial Invasive Species Program Coordinator

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