Recent Work 

What has the CAKE CISMA team been working on lately? Read on to find out more. 


Cosner-Bennett Preserve Restoration Effort

In the spring of 2022 CAKE CISMA teamed up with Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy and the Charlevoix County Community Foundation to remove invasive shrubs from the Cosner-Bennett Preserve located near East Jordan. This site was chosen because of its proximity to Bennett Creek, an important local water feature that flows into the Jordan River. 

Following invasive shrub removal and treatment, the area was replanted with native trees. This effort would not have been possible without support from the Charlevoix County Community Foundation. 

Tool Lending Library

In 2021 CAKE CISMA received a generous grant from the Charlevoix County Community Foundation to create a tool lending library for Charlevoix County residents. The lending library includes larger specialized tools for removing invasive species without herbicides as well as information on which invasives can be treated this way. It is our vision that this lending library will empower residents of Charlevoix County to replant and restore natural areas within their community. Many of the tools offered are also great for planting those native plants and trees after invasive species treatment! 

The lending library is open and available now at the Boyne District Library!