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Beaver Island Invasive Species Internship 

The Beaver Island Archipelago: Habitat Worth Preserving 

Approximately 30 miles northwest of Charlevoix, you will find the Beaver Island Archipelago. This island chain is both the largest system of islands in Lake Michigan and home to the largest island in the lake, Beaver Island. In total, the island chain consists of 11 islands; these coastal and remote communities are home to a variety of endangered and threatened species that are dependent on the rare habitats that these Great Lakes islands provide. Such species include the Michigan monkey flower, piping plover, Northern long-eared bat, houghton's goldenrod, Hine's emerald dragonfly, Pitcher's thistle, and Michigan's state wildlifower, the dwarf lake iris (pictured). To ensure the continued survival of these sensitive species, it is critical that they are protected from the spread of detrimental invasive species that would significantly alter and degrade their habitats. 


Beaver Island Invasive Species Internship 2020

To address the spread of invasive species on the island, the CAKE CISMA is implementing a seasonal summer crew on the island for the first time. Thanks to a grant from the Michigan Invaisve Species Grant Program and assistance from the Central Michigan University Biological Station, the CAKE CISMA has hired two summer interns to be stationed on the island for the summer of 2020. The role of these interns is to:

  • Provide cost-free invasive species surveys to landowners

  • Provide affordable, cost-shared treatment of invasive plant populations

  • Facilitate and host outreach and educational activities

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Request a Survey! 

Think you might have invasive plants on your property? Our internship program exists to assist you. To request survey or treatment by our invasive species interns, please email our coordinator at, or call us at (231)-533-8363 (ext. 5)


Do you live on Beaver Island?
The CAKE CISMA is offering cost-share treatment of invasive plant species for the summer of 2020, with the help of summer interns! Property owners on Beaver Island are encouraged to contact CAKE CISMA Coordinator Ben VanDyke at 231.533.8363 or by email at to request a free survey for invasive species by our Beaver Island field interns.

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